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[ICO WEBSITES]: ICOGENS.COM a professional website listing and analyzing ICO projects

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Introduction: Currently, there are a large number of websites which analyze ICO projects and regularly update new and hot ICO projects. It makes investors feel more difficult to find a reliable information source to update news or information about the Crypto currency market.

I started to embark on this market from 2016. Since then I realized that a lot of ICO websites now do not analyze projects critically and the ICO list is not carefully selected. There are only 1 or 2 websites that could guarantee the rating quality but they failed to remain the quality in a long run. In addition, users will be charged if they want to find information about each project in the website. As a result, my colleagues and I came up with an idea of creating a website where the community can find worthwhile projects which are carefully analyzed without any payment. Our website is named ICOGENS.COM.


  1. Interface

At first sight, readers can see that ICOGENS’ interface is quite similar to ICODROPS. That causes confusion over people. The reason for designing such an interface is that we learn from the best features of ICODROPS which enable readers to follow the information easily. However, we did improve and add more features to this site.

It can be noticed that apart from Active or Ended ICO like ICODROPS, there is also a section in Icogens to clarify type of ICOs projects according to their aim and vision. Thanks to this feature, readers can easily find projects they are interested in. For example, I am keener on ICO projects which create Infrastructure or Blockchain than other types of projects. More importantly, there is a section for articles which update news about the cyptocurrency market and comprehensively review some High Interest projects.

 Icogens's Interface


One more point you can realize is that in the front page of ICOGENS, the social media icons of Telegram, Twitter, Github or Website are integrated in the rating page of each project, which facilitates the process of finding information, checking the community’s interest and checking the progress of each project.


  1. Analysis team

At present, we have a team of more than 30 analysists and 5 marketers focusing on interacting the community and taking care of Icogens. Everyday, the analysis team review a large number of projects to select the most outstanding projects to share via ICOgens. This task requires them to work hard and keep track of the market. Because the source of information in the project’s website is limited, we often have to contact with the development team of the project to understand properly what their project is, what they are doing and how the project is developing. To be rated as a ‘High Interest’ one, a project needs to satisfy our evaluation criteria. After that, the whole team will have a discussion to get the final decision. You may not know that it can take our Core team a whole week to debate and discuss a project.

In daily life, we are quite easy-going, but when there is a project which needs to be analyzed, we are really careful and strict to sort out the best ICO projects. We are well-aware that our task can have an effect on the decision of investors and the community who have always followed and supported ICOgens. Therefore, the whole team always try our best to have as exact reviews and ratings as possible. Our favorite quote from Warren Buffet is that ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently’.


  1. Strength

If you often read reviews or find ICO projects from websites, you will realize that each website has its own strength and weakness. In case a website lists so many projects, you will know for certain that the quality of projects is not guaranteed. On the other hand, a website providing comprehensive reviews of projects often has a limited hot and new projects or commonly update these one late. Thus, ICOgens is created to address those problems.

Our Core team gathers hectic analysists who continually update hot and new projects right after its initial stage is released. At that time, the information about token sale is unavailable or even their group chat on social channels such as Telegram or LinkedIn just has a few members. Icogens see that many projects with innovative technology do not pay much attention to marketing or fund raising at the initial stage. Meanwhile, they concern more about technology development in order to generate high quality products before creating websites, releasing whitepapers and building up the community on Telegram or Twitter, finally considering Hardcap. As a result, the community can only find out a valuable project when it has already raised a certain amount of fund in Private sale. This fund comes from angle investors or venture capitalists who ask to invest in the project. This is relatively beneficial to ICO projects but it will bring a disadvantage for small and personal investors who account for the largest number of investors in the Crytocurrency market. The less investment a project needs from the public, the lower the ROI rate is for personal investors. This problem encourages Icogens to continuously update and analyze projects in all shapes and sizes to increase the investment opportunity for investors to potential projects right from private sale.



Information about Icogens projects are updated continuously and exactly so that you can keep track of the date of token sale and the risk or profit rate of each project. Projects are rated according to following criteria:


HYPE: is defined as the level of concern over a project and its FOMO. This score is based on the number of people joining a project’s social channels such as Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Medium or Slack as well as the number of review articles produced by the third party. 

RISK: the risk rate of the project. Based on this score, you can find more spam warnings of the project. More specifically, RISK is about the transparency of the project, its idea, members of the development team, roadmap and whitepaper. (RISK is rated regardless ROI rate of the project).

ROI (Return on Investment): the rate of profit a project can bring to investors (ROI is considered separately from RISK. ROI can be rated High and RISK can be rated High as well).

TERM: this factor reveals the length of time you should hold token or coin of a project. The period of time can be Short, Medium or Long.

ICOGENS’ SCORE: this score can be decided by scores of four other scores or it will reflect the level of interest ICOGENS’ team has in the project. This score is separated from ROI score. It just shows how much Icogens core team concern the project.

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