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BigcoinVietnam and has built the partnership for sustainable development

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BigcoinVietnam is very pleased to announce the partnership relationship with a reviewing and rating ICO website.

For the cryptocurrency investors, especially ICO projects ones; information is the most precious asset. BigcoinVietnam is well-known for being a non-profit organization with the updating information supply in the crypto market, which can be named technology analysis, foundation knowledge and investment experience. We aim to provide Vietnamese investors with the most reliable ICO source.


Why do we choose ICOgens?

There are the similarities between BigcoinVietnam and ICOgens in terms of not only the workflow but also the strategic vision. From BigcoinVietnam’s core team, we are not only ICO and cryptocurrency business analysts but also investors, we have a clear understanding of this field in the industry. For us, high-quality ICO is definitely a diamond mine which needs to be “exploited”.  ICOgens is what we need.

Similarly to BigcoinVietnam, ICOgens works with the mission as a non-profit organization. They aim to provide community service with the win-win situation. Quality of website is highly guaranteed, foremost, the ICO status is being always updated continuously.


ICOgens analyst team varies in quantity and quality regarding the professionalism along with passionate. They come from a lot of Review community all over the world, whose purpose is to build ICOgens a strong base and sufficient data source. That is why it’s ICOgens that you will find any projects with the adequate and latest updating information from the very first step of the project announcement to every single other step. For example, they update even when there is less information about token sales as well as the first establishment of media. (Due to ICOgens’ suggestion, their team’s identities are not revealed in this article.)

After having contacted ICOgens and some members from its core-team, it is clear to conclude that their website's updates are prompt although the process is neither simple nor smooth. The analysts especially core-team members are the ones who do the information research, contact the ICO projects team. That is why they are the one that has the clearest image of those ICOs. They work with clear and dedicated orientation, which provides ICOgens precious advantages and stable foundation for further development.


What opportunities have we gained from this partnership?

To be honest, BigcoinVietnam itself is a website to share and bring the latest and hottest project into further discussion. We desire not to skip any chance for any potential ICOs. That is why BigcoinVietnam shows consideration for ICOgens, which stays potentially with the updating reviews and exact ratings to every single ICOs.


In the future, along with the technology development, the partnership between BigcoinVietnam and ICOgens is supposed to result in better and bigger Vietnam cryptocurrency community. Our long-term purpose is to expand the scale of the community internationally with the large quantity of information and data. We expect that each member of Vietnam crypto will soon become experts in cryptocurrency field.


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