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[Conference] Next Generation of Smart Contract Platform, ETZ, will join Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2 organized by BigcoinVietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam

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  • Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2 – a gate way to the Southeast Asian market – one of the most protential market in the world.
  • Vietnam Blockchain Day – predicting the future of ICO and crypto industry, updating information in this cryptocurrency market, technology and business worldwide.
  • Vietnam Blockchain Day – Sharing promising projects; exchanging, updating information and experiences in the blockchain market.
  • Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2 – connecting  ICO projects, traders, investors, media agencites and people interested in blockchain technology.


 Next Generation of Smart Contract Platform, ETZ


EtherZero (ETZ) is a new generation of smart contract platform (public chain) initiated by a group of professional and technical geeks. Its team members are from different countries in the world. EtherZero (ETZ) entity is registered in Singapore. In order to better serve DAPP developers and users, whether it is developing DAPP on the EtherZero chain, deploying smart contracts or user’s service, are all TX fee. In terms of transmission rate, EtherZero uses MPOS structure, enabling TPS to reach tens of thousands of levels. The application of MasterNode enables EtherZero to achieve instant transmission function.

There are 6 stand out feature of ETZ which are: MPOS structure, Masternode system, Autonomous community government system, 0 TX fee, Instant payments, high scalability.

About ETZ representative, the conference will welcome the attendance of:

Ryan Chen - Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder


He has 5 years online digital marketing experience and ...

If you want to know more about ETZ as well as the blank info of ETZ Co-founder, join us at Vietnam Blockchain day season 2 on 16 of Dec 2018

So what are you waiting for? Resgister to participate now in order to have the opportunity to gain access to initiatives that stay ahead of technology innovation.


Event registration link: 

Contact email: 

Hotline: +84981262552

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