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CRP - the new door to the content creation industry

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In current content production industry, the connectedness among the creators  and the producer or film audiences is very difficult. The lack of financial transparency as well as unfair profit distribution has primarily dominated this connectedness. This problem is gradually being resolved thanks to the strong development of the blockchain industry. Based on the blockchain 4.0 platform, CRP is the promising answer and will soon become the first successful model to connect cryptocurrency to the real economy. In addition, a series of support activities for independent artists  are being implemented by CRP. Besides, a series of supporting activities for independent artists is being implemented by CRP.

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General Information

CRP (Creative Rocket Platform) is a US company providing online platforms related to manufacturing, investment, content distribution services based on the Blockchain 4.0 platform. The goal of the CRP is to build a free and healthy cinematic ecosystem. The project helps independent content creators have the opportunity to materialize their ideas and build a huge fan base.  At the same time, CRP will also offer various tools to promote and push the effective collaboration so as to support the development of independent projects around the world. This project aims at solving the problems arising in the area of ​​creation currently such as lack of transparency in investments, unclear copyrights, distribution difficulties and unfair profit allocation. CRP aims to build a healthy production environment, enabling independent creators to create diverse products in the genre.

Developed on the top of Blockchain 4.0 technology by the Soom Foundation, CRP wants to build a transparent ecosystem for creators, protect the interests of people in the film industry, thereby connecting cryptocurrency with real economy and leading the commercialization of Blockchain technology.   


Values ​​provided by CRP

Values ​​provided by CRP


Due to the focus on building a global human resources database, the strength of the CRP is to enable competent authors from many countries to collaborate easily and conveniently. This enhances the content quality. Not only that, through the process of “crowdfunding,” CRP has built up a fundrasing system without depending on  large manufacturers or distributors, while enables the equally distribution of profits according to the individual contribution rate.

For User Creator:

  • Supporting to build fandom, build a profile of an creator in the form of Game Inventory to demonstrate their own competence.
  • With the Community Platform service on the brand-new SNS model, CRP will provide a convenient and self-control creative environment.
  • Bringing a system of fair profit distribution. Allowing participants to get rewards from the value of Content transparently and fair due to Smart Contract.

For User Rocketter:

  • Enhancing the content quality through the original Content manufacturing.
  • The system divides rewards for all activities related to Content like Likes, Voting, Supporting, View ...
  • All Content production and investment are publicly available so that supporters can see and follow.

For investors:

  • Bringing back opportunities for retail investors, or unconnected investors in the industry to gain access to an highly profitable industry.
  • Have the right to decide and help projects with the content and value that you want.


CRP ecosystem

CRP services include Video Streaming and Community. In CRP, creators can collaborate and solve the problem of raising production cost through the "CRP Community" and Video Content products will be distributed through the "CRP Video Streaming" service. CRP allows ordinary users to participate in the whole process from content processing to distribution, to form a global market ecosystem that helps locally manufactured content can be easily circulated in foreign countries.

The information on the CRP website


The CRP ecosystem will distribute Video Content created by the CRP community on the CRP Streaming Platform. In particular, in addition to be supported technologically by Soom, CRP project will also be more profitable when Soom Foundation open SOOMEX (SOOM Exchange) in Australia.

Overview of the CRP ecosystem


Upcoming events 

At the 2018 Asian World Film Festival held from October 24 to November 1, the Multimedia Content Platform CRP will be officially launched. CRP will be premiered with the theme "Bringing Blockchain to Film Industry" at the AWFF Movie Industry Forum Day on the 26th of October. The program will be livestreamed on official fanpage of Vietnamese CRP community .

CRP is also the main sponsor for the 2018 Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles


Alongside the festival, there will be a discussion among the leaders on the blockchain topic and solutions that can bring the entertainment industry. On this occasion, CRP will introduce projects that have adopted this technology.



  • Richard Kia. Park, Founder of SOOM Foundation
  • Antoine Guinot, CEO of CRP Global
  • George N. Chamchoum, Executive Director & Program AWFF
  • Takhee Han, Film Producer and AWFF Development Director
  • Moderator: Charles Choe, Marketing Director of AWFF


Especially on October 24, CRP will officially launch their first App. To welcome the first version of the app, the CRP will reward each user who downloads the app with the 100 tokens. In each updated version (the complete version will be 8.0 expectedly), the user will be rewarded additional100 tokens per updated version.


For more details about the festival:

Event overview:


CRP’s Social Media:


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