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General information about Vietnam Blockchain Day Season 2

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Waiting for the next big event held by Bigcoin Vietnam - [VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN DAY DEC 2018]!

+ Over 1000 people attended
+ With the appearance from 20+ major projects
+ 15 speakers
- Time: 8:00 - 21:00 December 15th-16th, 2018
            Check-in time: ⌚ 8:00 - 9:00. You should check-in within that time to not miss any interesting activity session in the conference)


- Landing - Season 2

- Topic: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Self-destruction or Self-adoption?

- Targets: 1000+ guests, 15+ speakers, 20+ exhibitions, 10+ media sponsors

- Participants
      + Dev/tech enthusiasts
      + Investors
      + Traders
      + Marketing agency representatives (both overseas and local)

- 2 panel discussions
     1. ICO IEO STO - The evolution of Fundraising
     2. Environment of crypto - nation by nation and the involvement of SEC

- Information:
     + Exhibitions will be outside of the presentation hall
     + 08:00- 08:30 Booths preparation must be done
     + Each presenter has 10 minutes for his presentation at the exhibition 

- Presenters ans Speakers: CEOs and team members from ICO projects (post, upcoming and active ICO), Exchanges, KOLs, Technology giants, invited speakers 

Where Blockchain founders and coreteam share insights on potential Blockchain technologies, and share their investment knowledge in the cryptocurrency market.

Vietnam Blockchain Day - share the value to the community!

Why VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN DAY is a great event?

     1. Share Crypto investment knowledge, reduce risk, increase profitability.
     2. Exchange of in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology with representatives from Blockchain and Technology leaders all over the world
     3. Seeking opportunities for cooperation with potential partners at the Conference 

- Party:

     Private dinner party before event: Limited number: VC, KOLs, Projects, VIP
     Party after event: Free 
     Registration form:
     Sponsor registration form:

Register Vietnam Blockchain Day in Hanoi with community

- Ticket

   Ticket number of the event (maximum): 1000 tickets
   The number of tickets per participant is unlimited
   Deadline for registration: 20h 14-12-2018!

Visit Bigcoinvietnam community for more details

   Telegram: (@BigcoinVietnam)
   Event link:

With VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN DAY, and the opportunity to MEET, to NETWORKING and to SHARE is HERE.

VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN DAY will help members capture those opportunities via 1-day conference.

Contact us at
Hotline (+84) 963 769 166

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