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How reliable is the ICOGENS.COM's rating?

Đăng bởi: admin  - 22/05/2018 - 1268 view
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Hello everyone!

Perhaps, the biggest concern of ICO investors is to get a high ‘return on investment’ in a short time. However, have you ever wondered how much money investors earn from successful ICOs?

From my point of view, we should learn from history to find our pathway towards success.

Today I do not have to work much so that I have just spent time gathering data from ICO projects from late December till now. (Based on the data of ICOgens).

The table includes 2 parts:
Part 1: the list of successful ICO projects (which at least have doubled of return in the last 6 months).  

Part 2: the list of typical ICO projects which have failed despite being highly rated.

Each table will consist of statistical information about ICO’s name, the end date of Token sale, Hard cap and soft cap, the rating of ICOgens, market CAP, volume (24h), USD ROI, ETH ROI and BTC ROI. 

  • After gathering information into table, I have gained some interesting conclusions about ICO market currently.
    Most of successful ICOs do not raise much money for the project (the average figure is below $20 million)

    - It takes at least 4 or 5 months for a ICO to achieve enormous success such as Zliliqua or Ontology network. Therefore, you should take into consideration whether you should sell your token as long as its price increases or hold token for a long time.
  • 50% of projects which are rated VERY HIGH INTERST by ICOgens will be extremely successful.

    - The success rate of ICOs currently is 25/150 (from 13% to 20%). This means that 1 out of 5 projects you invest in will succeed.

    - Even projects which are highly rated by ICOgens (more than High Interest) fail quickly.

Based on collected data, I have shown my opinion above. All of your comments are welcomed.


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