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[ICO REVIEW] Moeco – decentralised platform to build IoT services based on blockchain technology

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Moeco is a blockchain-based platform that provides network access to devices via gateways. Devices pay tokens on per-connection basis and gateways receive tokens for data transfer. Each device is tied to its vendor’s wallet for easier billing and data processing.


In recent time, definition of  IoT is becoming more and more familiar in IT field. IoT appeared from the early days of the Internet, when the inventors wanted to connect everything through a consensus network to be able to control them for the human purpose. And Moeco is a decentralized platform designed to support worldwide Internet services based on blockchain technology.


1. Idea

What is Moeco?



Moeco is a blockchain-based platform that provides network access to devices via gateways. Devices pay tokens on per-connection basis and gateways receive tokens for data transfer. Each device is tied to its vendor’s wallet for easier billing and data processing. Vendors collect money from users and convert it into tokens. Gateway owners provide connectivity to devices and receive tokens from the bounty pool for data transfers carried through their gateways. MOE is the sole payment method between vendors and gateway owners.

The ultimate goal is to create a global network of cells that “uberize” IoT connectivity. It puts IoT networks in the hands of users around the world, allowing for increased scalability of IoT networks at a lower cost.

Outstanding features

Open source: Moeco uses open source code to be fully transparent and to contribute to the IoT software community.

Blockchain technology: blockchain technology will help platform to cut down on connectivity costs significantly by eliminating administrative, infrastructure, service maintenance or setup costs.

Data privacy: Besides transparency and trust brought by blockchain, privacy has a significant role. No one has access to the personal data of the gateway owner in any way and the gateway owner doesn’t have access to the info they send through their gateway.

Energy efficient: The platform utilizes LPWAN and BLE standards which are energy efficient protocols. By providing global coverage for LPWAN and BLE sensors Moeco allows vendors to use more energy efficient and less complicated sensors than those of the GSM standard.

How it works

Moeco consists of four layers including: IoT Devices, Gateways, Moeco Platform and Blockchain. This four-layer architecture helps Moeco integrate into existing networks while also being adaptable for use in future networks.

A data package has to be delivered via the Transport blockchain. The Gateway is creating a transaction with the encrypted MineID. Vendor’s masternode validates the transaction, decrypts MineID and accepts the transaction.


2. Core team


Mit Gorilovsky (Founder and CEO): Master in Mathematics and Computer Science at ITMO University. He is the founder and CEO of Woodenshark (a small engineering team building small gadgets & online services scattered across the globe). He has many years of experience in the field of technology.

Salome Parulava (Co-founder): Master in Information Systems and Management Innovation at the University of Warwick. She has worked in Consult Hyperion as a Blockchain Consultant. Currently she is working as an advisor for ICO projects.

Alex Korolkov (CTO): Master in Computer Science at Moscow University of Technology. He has worked as Technical Development Manager for Mobile Shopping LLC, Lazada Group, Eatigo,etc.

Vasiliy Volontsevich (Chief Engineer): Master of Incommunication Technology and Communication Systems. He worked as a hardware design engineer for SKB Vzijot and is currently working as a hardware architect in the Woodenshark group.

Development team of Moeco has more than ten members. There are many members who have specialized and experience in the field of computer technology. However, their blockchain experience is not actually outstanding.


3. Roadmap


Q3 - Q4/2017: Closed Alpha

Q1/2018: Extended B2B part and testing

Q2/2018: B2B Pilots

Q3/2018: B2B Beta

Q4/2018: Release B2B

Q1/2019: Market release

Currently, development team of MOECO has just announced the technology development road of the project, but it is still only very poor information. Besides, there is no information or time about the token sale of the project. This will make it impossible for investors to understand the process of the project as well as the real progress.


4. Community

Telegram channel (12 followers)

Twitter (192 followers)

Facebook (90+ followers)

According to the roadmap, MOECO started in mid-2017, but until now, the project has not focused strongly on community building. The amount of interaction on communication channels is very small. And with Telegram - one of the largest community channels for ICO projects, MOECO has just established a news channel and has not yet had a community group for discussion. This will be a weak point for MOECO because the community plays a very important role in raising capital as well as developing the project.


5. Token sale

Now, the project has not publicized any information about the token economy and token distributions. Analytical team will always follow the project and update new information to the readers.


6. Partners


The Moeco project has also established partnerships with a number of large technology companies around the world as follow:

Silicon Labs is a worldwide fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Texas, United States providing silicon, software and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is the standards organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of the Bluetooth technologies and trademarks to manufacturers.

Bitfury is development company providing hardware and software solutions to Government, organizations, enterprises and individuals in finance management through using blockchain technology.




The idea of Moeco can attract many people’s interests. Moeco is a project relating to data transferring by applying IoT and blockchain to cut down on costs as well as bring utilities for users. This project also establishes partnerships with big tech companies. That shows the factual application of Moeco when finished.

Things to note

The information about the team is not transparent. This thing cannot make investors persuasive with development possibility of Moeco.

MVP or Github has not been public at this time. Therefore, it is difficult for developers and investors to confirm technical progress of Moeco.

Marketing strategy is not developed and there are not many social channels to popularize and spread to community.

In short, this idea is good but there are many issues to consider Moeco. In the case that this project publishes token economy, MVP or Testnet to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work, and impressive information about the team, this project could be a potential ICO project. Moeco is not worth investing in at the moment.

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