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[ICO REVIEW] What is THEFUND.IO? A solution for the traders to conquer ICO market without scam or shitcoin project

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Chia sẻ, a reliable organization that helps you choose the right project to put money one, in order not to lose your budget but also can get you a wing to be the millionaire.

General Information


White paper:

Telegram Vietnamese Group:

Imagine that you enter the cryptomarket with non-equipped experience and no knowledge about this crazy fluctuation market with percentage of win just about 10%, what would you do? Definitely you have to go to ask the experienced one, to give you advice, to make the right choice, to not lose money as a foolist. Nowadays, there would be no market that can include the newbie, any ordinary people who can trade like cryptocurrency, from farmers to students, to employees. But, the fact is, if there is experienced organization who would help them freely like a mentor, a consultant, why not choose and set belief in them to make a wise money, when there is 90% of scam or mostly-scam project outthere which couldn’t finish what they already set? Avoiding scam is the one thing, how to make your deal to a billion deal is another interesting thing, but not everyone can be a good analysis when some angles of ICO projects are hard to investigate, like code and their token metrics, the legal stuff or strategy to go to exchanges. This requires training. Furthermore, with the variables of the market, FOMO, FUD everywhere can let the investors’ psychology unstable, which one should investors choose? Swim by the media or believe in machine? That’s why you need, which is the reliable organization that helps you choose the right project to put money one, in order not to lose your budget but also can get you a wing to be the millionaire. And the thing is, the fund has a quite effective step to make it work, you just need to follow instruction to gain money, but can still have time to do other stuff, because you already have your smart friend to do all the analysis.

Firstly, the artificial intelligence, named Axon, can do the analysis, it will remove the scammers and shitcoin, then the most potential projects come out. Secondly, it’s time or experts to come to work as financiers, economists, advisors who have extensive and exclusive experience will filter out second time, to find diamond. Thirdly, thefund’s investors can give a vote for the one they feel great, this is like a form of democracy that the fund’s investors can give their voice back, by that way, whichever projects give more than 50% of the vote will have the final decision to be invested. By voting dividends will be distributed among investors after these projects are implemented, the following part is used to invest in a number of projects chosen by our experts in this instance investors have the opportunity to receive dividends in perpetuity.

For these steps and strategies, only diamond will come out, the garbage will be removed. Almost all of the work would be done with, to give you the best choice, by Axon AI and the experts. All you have to do is to let the work done by the professionals, entrust the work of the system. It would be much more beneficial than being an amauter as you can get trapped if you are fresh, it’s much more convenient.

Source: Release, P. (2018). How To Invest And Earn Profit From An ICO? Secret. [online] UseTheBitcoin. 
Available at: [Accessed 20 Oct. 2018].

What is doing currently?

They do research, one of the recent research they have published is that we still need cryptocurrency. They have their team of experts all over the world and can analyze well the ICO projects. You can look at their research article:

Thefund project has been added to blockchain BASE.INFO

As mentioned, is a blockchain fund that allows a wide range of people to earn money on their investments. There are more and more projects that will do ICO or come in the exchange, and investors, because of its easiness, are coming more and more to the market, even in developed or developing countries. This industry is without border. 2017 and 2018, if you see the chart, you will see a skyrocket line in the number of projects and capitalization as well.

How can they do it?

By safe and smart capital distribution, they use time-tested methods and brand-new innovations to propose a new approach investment method for a good outcome.

How is different from the other?

The main difference is Axon, which can evaluate projects for their originality relevance and prospects by analyzing whitepaper, project team, social network activities, databases competitiveness. Axon AI includes a variety of statistical methods and neural networks with different architectures. Such a heterogeneous algorithm sets out a series of tasks that are necessary for a more accurate project evaluation.

The second unique function is that also provides support for selected investments projects to achieve good results dividend distribution for smart contracts. Multi-signature security system powers to choose investment projects. All these instruments together from a single unique structure and vestment fund for a new generation.

What is Axon?

It’s a system of AI of Thefund. The experts can evaluate potential project on key parameters based on Axon. So not only do they get a better expertise, but also reduce the risk of capital loss.  AXON enables users to find all the necessary information about the project without taking any effort and time. After researching itself by its algorithm, it creates its own database and mark a score. It helps the experts to evaluate prospective projects on several key parameters, which are: process a large amount of information - evaluate the specified characteristics - use pre-determined indicators that are implicitly correlated with this characteristic.

Then it’s the work of a team of professional experts and analysts to recommend a final decision based on the scoring system given. This process is crucial to reduce investor loss.

It can evaluate projects according to set parameters, It can detect correlation based patterns that humans cannot see. Its mission is to help investment fund. It allows investors to manage their assets and control the funds capital flows themselves.

Token metrics

Bounty campaign information

Start of campaign

Oct. 22, 2018

End of campaign

April 28, 2019

Tokens for bounty

6,300,000 TFIO

Reward pool

1,626,738 USD

Bounty tokens percentage

3.5% Pre-sale starts with the amount of bonus of 30%.


Roadmap FundBoard

Q4 2019- Public beta-version of FundBoard allows users to become an investor in one click.

The Fund has published video of their MVP

It is one of the project that has early MVP, but when considering the roadmap, it’s quite long. When 2017 is the good year for ICO, they started to research, but it should be quicker to finish everything and get completed, when the market is changing everyday.

This project, because they are much related to ICO fundraising, so get restricted to many countries: USA, Afghanistan, Burundi, Myanmar, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Lebanon, Libya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Zimbawe


We have Rafis Yusupov, CEO. He has Master of Finance, lawyer, worked in government agencies and major banks of Russia for more than 5 years. He has more than 4 years of experience in leading positions in the field of financial Analytics. This guy, has a relationship in government and big banks, is a good plus to get project easier to launch.

Eduard Nurullin, CVO, Entrepreneur. Investor.

Has leadership experience in IT sphere (Ex. CEO Hashboard inc.), Fintech (Ernst&Young) and Healthcare (Sankom ltd. Switzerland) of more than 5 years. ICO-expert. More than three years of experience in financial audit. Member of the Graphene Foundation.  

Ksenia Gavrilova, CMO, Has more than 4 years of experience in developing profitable marketing strategies around the world. Worked for a marketing Agency for ICO projects. Qualified in creating TTL promotion strategies, winner of the international marketing competition.

Okay I don’t know the name of the competition, but its scale is international so I still have good impression to it, when I search in LinkedIn I don’t find this info, maybe will have to verify with admin guys.

Coreteam has other key members in different position of a company as well, to serve the company. In my point of view, the leader of board are those who have experience in working field, but not so much in Blockchain field. The guy names Vladislav, IT director, has developed applications for WebGL and Android. We ‘ve got another guy as Developer of the ‘Hive’ Blockchain.

They also have legit Advisor team, which include, FinTech and InsurTech industry Consultant, PMO and Business Consultant, Senior IR Consultant, ICO Advisor | Influencer | Blockchain Expert, Legal advisor,

Marketing Specialist, Community Relations Consultant, Audit Consultant. The notable one is Timo Trippler, he has involved in many ICO projects so he seems have a good sense of judgement. We also have some ICO experts from ranking websites, which can make the best out of

Beside Coreteam and Advisor as other projects,, as like its function, have the Expert team as well. They seem have a good relationship with ICObench. This team of expert also has investors, serial entrepreneurs and a name from Deloitte (absolutely should). That’s why they come up with and can execute its mechanism.  This team is likely to have significant experience in finance, law, IT, marketing, and other fields to add up to the project’s fulfillment.


For the team, it’s an impressive team line-up, advisory board is legit and will contribute value to team. With the team vision on this project and whoever believe in this ICO market, you should keep an eye on this one. The project seems viable, I wouldn't say anything but best luck for the team.

For the tech, like the other exchanges just use AI, this project also uses AI only, and because it solves simple algorithm and Axon has its clear purpose, the work can be done. However, I think they should include more technology into this project, so that expert’s task could be reduced. investor actually can vote on which projects invests in, which is good in terms of strategy to get investors involved and raise their voice, but for me, if I am an individual investor, I just want tech to do everything for me. Nevertheless, whether you set belief on machine or people depends on you.

There will be demand for this platform, but if the team sets up the roadmap faster, it would be more beneficial and useful for investor, especially the one who don’t have much experience, both financially and legally.

I think that there is a need for a platform like this - especially for the average investor who may not have the financial and/or legal acumen needed to determine which investments are solid and which are scams. I like that token holders can vote on which projects invests in.

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