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[ICO REVIEW]- What is Logos Network? High-Throughput Blockchain Network Support the Global Payment

Alice  21/08/2018

Logos Network provides a highly scalable transaction platform, from extremely micro-transactions to large scale B2B transactions, from IoT to PoS (Point of Sale) Logos's Blockchain will help improve the current blockchain issues such as low...

[ICO REVIEW] Leep Network: Blockchain solutions for enterprises and ecological improvement

Alice  18/08/2018

Leep-network is a blockchain ecosystem focused on scalability and security.  Using the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Leep network is the first  robust and scalable platform that is also ACID compliant (automicity, consistency, isolation and durability).

WeChat Trials Using Blockchain Tech to Reimburse Employee Expenses

Alice  11/08/2018

WeChat, a messaging, social media and financial services app owned by Tencent Holdings Limited, has deployed a blockchain electronic invoice system at Shenzhen Guomao Rotary Restaurant, making the city of Shenzhen the first in China to...

[ICO* REVIEW] What is Genesis Space? The Virtual World built on Blockchain?

Alice  31/07/2018

Genesis is a DAO based on blockchain with DDPOS consensus mechanism. Users, the main part of Genesis ecosystem, vote to update community rules and blockchain protocols. It also provides scalability through sidechains.  

Universal Labs: What is Ubbey - the first blockchain that has its tangible cloud products

Alice  31/07/2018

Universal Labs is a decentralized personal cloud storage, whose product is a hardware box. “Ubbey” is its blockchain network and the “OWP protocol” is where peer-to-peer ownership exchange is allowed on the Ubbey network.  

Wall Street Exec Mike Novogratz: Crypto, Blockchain Mass Adoption Is ‘5 to 6 Years Away’

Alice  20/07/2018

Former Wall Street executive Mike Novogratz has recently predicted that mass adoption of crypto and blockchain is “still five to six years away,” Blokt blockchain and tech news outlet reports July 19.  

American Express Thinks Blockchains Could Help Prove Payments

Alice  16/07/2018

American Express is on the hunt for better ways of proving when transactions occur and a new patent filing suggests the financial services giant may be looking at blockchain as part of a possible solution....

How Malta Is Becoming the Blockchain Hub of the World: A Talk With Leading Law Firm

Alice  14/07/2018

On July 4, 2018, the Parliament of Malta approved a regulatory framework for blockchain technology, making Malta one of the most ‘blockchain-friendly’ countries in the world.  

South Korea Legitimizes Blockchain Industry With Major New Classification Standards

Alice  06/07/2018

The South Korean government is drafting major new industry classification standards for the domestic blockchain industry, local crypto news outlet The BChain reports Thursday, July 5.  

IBM Signs $740 Million Deal With Australian Gov’t to Use Blockchain for Data Security

Alice  06/07/2018

IBM has signed a five-year AU$1 billion ($740 million) deal with the Australian government to use blockchain and other new technologies to improve data security, Bloomberg reports Thursday, July 5.  
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