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IDG Capital, Matrix Partners, and Neo Global Capital Invest $20 Million USD into KuCoin to Bring Cryptocurrency to the Masses

Christina  15/11/2018

Kucoin have closed their Series A Round of Funding, raising $20 million (USD) from IDG Capital, Matrix Partners and Neo Global Capital.

[ICO REVIEW] THE POWER - 100k+ tps Blockchain for real-time users and companies interaction

Alice  01/10/2018

The Power was born to deal with 2 existing problems in the current blockchain including scalability and speed achieving more than 100000 TPS. The project will apply smart contracts more accurately and rapidly with higher level...

[ICO REVIEW] Moeco – decentralised platform to build IoT services based on blockchain technology

Alice  01/10/2018

Moeco is a blockchain-based platform that provides network access to devices via gateways. Devices pay tokens on per-connection basis and gateways receive tokens for data transfer. Each device is tied to its vendor’s wallet for...

[ICO REVIEW] What is Akropolis? The solution to the Global Pensions Issues?

Alice  24/08/2018

The current pension fund structure is outdated, has conflicts of interest and lacks transparency. This can cause many retirees to be underfunded and result in a major financial crisis. Akropolis is born with a vision...

[ICO REVIEW] Eleven01 – Blockchain protocol revolutionizing problems related to security, speed and scalability of decentralized applications

Alice  21/08/2018

Eleven01 is one of the fastest, high scalable blockchain protocol which aims to make blockchain technologies ready for real world use

[ICO REVIEW] Celes Chain – Is it viable to build “Wall Street” on blockchain?

Christina  21/08/2018

Celes Chain is a public blockchain using smart contracts and Delegated Proof of Work. It will help the institutions reduce cost and increase efficiency with the mission of innovating traditional financial system and building Wall...

[ICO REVIEW] What is Hadron? A potential project providing distributed AI computing in the rapid development of cloud computing field?

Alice  18/08/2018

Hadron offers a decentralized and open marketplace platform built on its own workforce blockchain. In Hadron, users can both monetize their idle devices and actively earn by performing human intelligence tasks in a game-like environment...

[ICO REVIEW] Leep Network: Blockchain solutions for enterprises and ecological improvement

Alice  18/08/2018

Leep-network is a blockchain ecosystem focused on scalability and security.  Using the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Leep network is the first  robust and scalable platform that is also ACID compliant (automicity, consistency, isolation and durability).

[ICO REVIEW] Jura Network – How is the Future of Decentralized Ecosystems? Comparison Between Jura Network and Other Infrastructures

Alice  09/08/2018

The Jura Network is a novel block-lattice technology (similar in part to Nano) which uses individual account-based DAGs as the basis for a distributed ledger to achieve scalability, fast transaction speeds, and instant confirmation.

Philippine SEC Approves Draft Rules for ICOs and Crypto

Alice  03/08/2018

The Philippine SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) approved draft rules for initial coin offerings (ICOs), ABS CBN News reported. This official approval will pave the way for the legal sale of cryptocurrencies in the Philippines.
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