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[Review ICO] What is PAYMON? Why is it a cryptocurrency for daily life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Bonita  25/05/2018

Paymon aims to create a brand-new blockchain, improving current payment function, a P2P business platform directly connecting businesses and users and a domestic exchange in which users can not only “exchange” messages but also “exchange”...

What is Sparkster? Decentralized Cloud and Smart software + 10 million transactions

admin  24/05/2018

Blockchain of Sparkster was created and upgraded from Stellar source code. Developing Decentralized software on the Sparkster platform allows users to build a software by English without any programming knowledge or Blockchain understanding.

How reliable is the ICOGENS.COM's rating?

admin  22/05/2018

How reliable is the ICOGENS.COM's rating?  
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