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The Movie Industry is An Example of How A Cryptocurrency-based Cultural Assets Trading Platform Benefits the Everyman Investor

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The Movie Industry is An Example of How A Cryptocurrency-based Cultural Assets
Trading Platform Benefits the Everyman Investor

This year, the lacklustre performance of the cryptocurrency market has caused a large number of investors to become bag holders. Some chose to cut their losses short while others clung on in hope of recovering their capital. This has resulted in a fear of crypto investments, with many returning to embrace traditional investment products.


The cryptocurrency market’s volatility stems not just from market movements. There is such a huge variety of products in the market that high-quality products are thrown in the mix with less-than-desirable products, making it difficult for investors to make proper judgment calls. With such a proliferation of products, in-depth research and a thorough understanding of what to buy into has become a huge challenge. What’s more, many of the products are incredibly niche and their literature is chock-full of technical jargon, making it hard for laymen to relate or even comprehend. As such, investment risk naturally increases exponentially.

Given this outlook, do investors still have options other than traditional financial products with low risk and similarly low returns? That brings us to the new heavyweight product launch by Ink, which presents us with an entirely new direction and option – the cultural assets trading platform INKubator.

INKubator is a one-stop platform for managing and monetizing creative content and intellectual property. By applying blockchain technology to the global cultural assets market, Ink has created a decentralized market for creative content transactions and built a completely new global ecosystem for content creators.

Cultural assets include filmmaking, publishing, comics, gaming and many other industries. These are products we encounter on a daily basis. Instead of incomprehensible jargon and white papers that are hard to differentiate from one another, the working elements within these industries, such as asset type, presentation format, production flow, number of instalments or benefits, are familiar and easy to understand even to industry outsiders. Even when there are doubts, clarification can be sought through mainstream avenues. The value of the asset can also more or less be determined or estimated using the elements mentioned above. As a result, all the factors that can be used for risk analysis are tangible and specific.

In other words, the value of cultural assets is comparatively more “real” and suitable for angel investments. The flourishing cultural assets economy has brought on a wave of highly-talented content creators. Many of these creators are in the early stages of creating or incubating their work, and place great emphasis on seeing their projects through to completion. Plus, they are at a stage where they are more earnest about the value of their project and less likely to inflating its worth, which is further reason why they are suitable options for angel investors.

The investment potential for cultural assets is boundless. According to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as of 2013, the global cultural asset industry is valued at more than US$2.33 billion. Filmmaking, comics, publishing, gaming, celebrity and related industries are developing rapidly. Because it’s a diverse market with long-term potential and high added-value, the cultural assets industry has become a priority for economic development in many countries. The enormous cultural assets market and its investment outlook has made it the new darling of capital investments.

Using film industry as an example, let us look at cultural assets investments.

In 2017, China’s total box office returns exceeded 500 billion, hitting an astounding 599 billion. The first quarter of 2018 saw box office returns of 200 billion and China surpassing North America as the global Number 1 box office earner. The vast potential of the movie industry has pushed movie investments into the public limelight.

The 3D animation film Monkey King: Hero is Back, a Chinese production, bagged 7.3 million in box office returns after a mere 20 days. That it was both critically acclaimed and a box office hit was considered a miracle, and it was credited as the production that led the rise of China’s animated movies. According to online news, the production had 89 investors who put in a total of 780 thousand. Each investor could expect principal returns of approximately 3 million. In other words, in a short few months, the movie made 89 investors a cool 25 million.

Movie investments come largely in two models. One, returns are in proportion to investment. The advantage of this model is that returns can potentially be astronomical if the movie is a hit. But because there is no guarantee to how well a movie will perform, there is still a risk of making a loss. In the second model, investors get fixed returns. In simple terms, you lend money to the filmmakers and receive fixed interest payments. Regardless of how the movie does, returns on investment are stable.

Movie investments are fairly common in the capital market, but to the general public, it is hard to get a foot in. What’s more, even if we are surrounded by cultural assets every day, it’s still not easy to invest in them nor get a piece of the pie. What INKubator does is to provide you, me and the everyman a chance to invest in and be part of the early stages of a cultural asset production.

Through the INKubator model, ordinary account holders can be angel investors and participate in the exciting startup stages of creative projects. At the same time, they get to reap the benefits when the project comes to fruition. What’s more, they stand to gain when the IP tokens eventually increase in value. INKubator’s stringent audit mechanism also ensures that account holders have high-quality projects with substantial market value to choose from, thereby mitigating investment risk and ensuring more stable returns.

INKubator is now open for registration. Sign up and get verified to receive attractive welcome benefits. Visit now to register.

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