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Uncover some media partners in the upcoming Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2

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On December 16th, 2018, Bigcoinvietnam team will host a big-ever Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2, comprising a full day of presentations, exhibitions, parties and networking events. The positive feedback from Vietnam Blockchain Day season 1 made it obvious choice for Bigcoinvietnam to organize another valuable conference.

Since the idea stage starts, we have received many support from media partners all over the world. This support is very important to our conference and your contribution will be well- recognized. Join us to have a closer look at some media partners in this upcoming event.

Umbala Network is honored to become one of the strategic media partners of Vietnam Blockchain Day. Along with many famous names in the Blockchain industry, we believe that Umbala Network's community can add significant value to the event. 

Umbala Network Umbala Network aims to create a performance-focus & highly-scalable blockchain to connect billion camera devices all over the world and accelerate decentralized eye vision computing applications.


Coindaily is a rating agency and professional service provider for the blockchain market. Since early 2016 the Coindaily team made objective ratings and provided services for all their users. This earned Coindaily the recognition and high reputation in China and Asia. At present Coindaily is one of the biggest rating agencies in their region. In September 2018 Coindaily will be fully upgraded with the launch of the Coindaily Blockchain Primary Market Integrated Service Platform.

ICOholder is platform providing reliable information about ICO ranging from past ICO, on going ICO to upcoming ICO. Besides, this website helps ICO projects attract more investors all around the world. Furthermore, you can find out some useful information about STOs which is considered as a new ICO recently.


null is a Korean news websites which covers inclusively everything happening around blockchain and cryptocurrency space, updates instantly real - time price index and provides reliable trading information and bring unique stories to the audiences. Most importantly, the team wants to help investors make decision wisely.


Gametoc is also a korean news platform that was established to provide information about technology, economy, social culture, e-sport, but mainly focus on blockchain and gaming industry.



BlockTimes is a blockchain news platform based on Korea. In order to boost the blockchain development, consumer trust is very important ro secure. BlockTimes play a valuable media role in turning blockchain technology to better alternative infrastructure for governments and business.



Chain News was born to solve the dilemma of information age. Its mission is to provide fast and accurate information that can change our lives. Chain News promises to provide readers with information about the blockchain industry while at the same time deeply analyzing the information of passwords and their operators to provide only reliable information. They also provide various educational programs and prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution.



Cryptonist is a group of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Thailand. Their goal is to help support and boost the blockchain industry in Thailand by providing information and advising services for investors, companies and anyone interested in this novel technology.



e27 was born in 2007 in Singapore. e27 is your go-to platform for news, community, events, talent, funding and more. Everything you need to build a billion-dollar company. They have clear mission and vision and determine what values they are pursuing. The team believe that tools and experiences they bring to the entrepreneurs will help them to run a company effectively and successfully.

null was founded in Vietnam. This website focuses on introducing  and reviewing financial investment websites, bitcoin mining websites and other cryptocurrency mining websites. It also includes ICO reviews which is analyzed extensively by experienced analysts in Vietnam.


Zasco have a vision of becoming an international company, is the symbol of digital trust in blockchain space and crypto market.

In the initial stage, its goal is to become the biggest and most effective blockchain and crypto investment community in Vietnam.

Join Zasco, you will provided with comprehensive services in communication, education, investment and access to blockchain centers in the world.


CoinVoice is a leading globalized blockchain media. Providing professional news, informations and media services of crypto asset, blockchain technology and industry events. CoinVoice is committed to linking the world's most valuable blockchain communities together.
CoinVoice has served for more than 200 high-quality blockchain projects in the world, including Thunder, CelerNetwork, Linfinity, skycoin, QuarkChain, Lane, Ankr, MtBlock, Blockcloun, ACGN, LeadBest, cointiger, Arcblock, Kcash, Tripio, Qbao, SocialLending, HeroNode, NULS, etc.
CoinVoice has successfully hosted 10 summits + roadshows in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and other cities, co-hosting and co-organizing events more than 600, CoinVoice has been invested by Inno Angel Fund, JLab, PreAngel, and Kexi Capital.


Babbitt is the leading blockchain information service provider in China, and is value-oriented and serves the blockchain innovators founded in 2011.
Babbitt use the forum to anchor the expedition, let the information look at the landscape, gather blockchain technology and application. At present, it has developed into an ecosystem platform that integrates information content, offline activities, training, incubators, investment and blockchain technologies. The entire network covers more than 1 million users, covering China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
It is our honor to have Babbitt as one of media partners at Vietnam Blockchain day season 2.


Beenews is the value discovery platform for blockchain and digital currencies based on meta-graph chain (BKBT-Token), for providing the users with the smart feeds, knowledge graph, CV-Rank index (coin volatility rank), and growth track index of the digital currency, assisting the users in seeking for value investment and avoiding the investment blind points, and popularizing the block chain knowledge to drive the healthy development of the block chain ecosystem.
Beenews is dedicated to become top and leading global value discovery platform, assisting the users in seeking for value investment and avoiding the investment blind points, and drive the healthy development of the blockchain ecosystem. Beenews innovatively and independently developed meta-graph chain which is the public chain for tracing the source of data based on block chain technology, which could be used to build the follow-up and evaluation system for global digital assets.
With the support of Beenews as a media partner, we believe that Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2 will not only “explore” in Vietnam but also in Asia.


Gyro Finance is Shenzhen Gyro Media Co., Ltd., which was jointly established by the industry-leading game technology media “Game Gyro” and the technology media “New Media Technology”. Read the blockchain and let some people reach the future first! Blockchain media platform focusing on blockchain industry news, activities, and value project reports, is committed to becoming the highest quality blockchain public opinion position. The company has gyro ratings, person interviews, news alerts, value100, gyro and other boutique columns.
At present, Gyro Finance is a cooperative media source for many search engines, and has reached content cooperation with dozens of financial and scientific media such as Hexun, Tencent, Hunting, Sina, Netease, Today's headlines, and a news.
Looking forward to see the representative of Gyro Finance at big-ever Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2 held on 16 of December, 2018 in Ha Noi, Vietnam.




Block360 is the combination of a marketing, a community and a media cooperation located in Beijing, China. Block360 is one link of “chain” consisting 26 media cooperations, designed to become a Leading Blockchain Community Media all over the world providing up – to – date news 7/24.
The present of Block360 at Vietnam Blockchainday Season 2 will be a contributing factor to the success of the event.

ZILLA is an easy to use multi-cryptocurrency wallet and curated ICO platform. ZILLA will release their Blockchain Events platform where you can find and get tickets for blockchain events using cryptocurrency.

We are happy when ZILLA will become a part of Vietnm Blockchain Day Season 2.

Brave New Coin (BNC) is a data and research company focused on the blockchain and cryptographic assets industry.

Founded in 2014, BNC provides traders and investors on the global with data, analysis and research in Blockchain và cryptocurrency space. Their experiences and expertise make them become the leading provider of standard and non standard institutional grade, highly compliant, data solutions. By using their extensive holding of data and knowledge, they developed a general taxonomy for cryptographics assets.

We hope to see our media partner in Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2 soon!




Blockchain Media Headline—  a professional media for the blockchain and the token industry in China. The team are committed to providing frontier information to blockchain enthusiasts and investors. 

The present of Blockchain Media Headline will  a decisive factor in the upcoming Vietnam Blockchain Day Season 2.

Blockference is a listing website for blockchain related conferences to bring information to the audience and help organizers host a successful event. Their goal is to make this information equally accessible to everyone and play our role in promoting blockchain technology. 

We are very happy to welcome Blockference to be our next media partner in Vietnam Blockchain Day season 2. 


We are extremely grateful for the support from these media partners. We are looking forward to be a partner with more tech magazines, TV and radio stations around the world willing to promote this event. We will constantly update news about other media partners.


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