Retroactive Guide for Charm Finance


Retroactive Guide for Charm Finance


1. Project Overview

Charm finance is a breakthrough automated market-maker (AMM) that can create liquid options on the blockchain.

It works by splitting an asset into different options and creating a prediction market for them so that they can be priced and traded. This results in options markets that are cheaper, more liquid, and more scalable.


2. Why can the project have a retroactive phase?

  • After launching the Mainnet, the Charm Finance platform created an options trading contest and attracted a lot of users to participate. WBTC trading volume at was 1.3M$ in 2 weeks, bringing Charm's trading volume to 3M$. Achieved using 100k$ of WBTC liquidity from LP, meaning 1 dollar od liquidity generates $13 worth of trades.
  • Recently, they released a new and duplicated feature in Charm Alpha Vaults and also attracted a lot of participants.
  • On March 25, 2021, Charm Finance closed a seed round lead by Divergence Ventures fund, with participation from DeFiance Capital and Delphi Ventures. These are all large and reputable funds, so maybe the project will be able to deduct a part to airdrop for users. 

3. Retroactive guide for

Step 1: Visit: and click Launch Alpha Passive, then connect the wallet and switch to the Ethereum network, here I use the Metamask wallet. After connecting the wallet, you will in turn do and experience the project's features.

Step 2: Experience Liquidity Vaults feature

  • Select a Vault to add Liquidity (eg:ETH/USDC)
  • Enter the amount of USDC you want to add, the system will calculate the amount of ETH to add (eg 1000USDC)
  • Conduct Approval token and Add Liquidity


To add liquidity, you need to have both tokens in your wallet to be able to add liquidity

Do not withdraw liquidity until the project has announced the airdrop or know for sure that you will receive the airdrop

Should add an amount depending on your capital and does not affect daily life

Can participate in adding liquidity to a few other Vaults to increase the airdrop winning rate if the project has an airdrop announcement.



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